What better way is there to break the Miss Congeniality movie mentality on beauty pageants than to put the women through a military-styled bootcamp? Clad in baggy, unflattering fatigues, with some sporting black face paint, contestants of this year’s Miss Manchester reported for a day of army style workout.

Bootcamp workouts can actually be a very helpful tool for beauty contestants. Among all other fitness programs, bootcamps guarantee some really serious fat-burning sessions that also increase a person’s strength and improve one’s agility – all of which are great qualities that a beauty queen must have. After all, being one isn’t really all about the glamour. You will have responsibilities ahead of you that will require physical efficiency, as well.

Bootcamps Is The Best And Fastest Way To Get A Beauty Queen Physically Ready For The Pageant CC by Robynlou8, flickr.com/photos/robynlou8/

Bootcamps Is The Best And Fastest Way To Get A Beauty Queen Physically Ready For The Pageant
CC by Robynlou8, flickr.com/photos/robynlou8/

Here’s an article on Manchester Evening News:

Bootcamp Benefits For Beauty Queens

Aspiring beauties have some sort of deadline to achieve a certain level of physical shape and condition. They need to be the most perfect that they can be physically on the day of the pageant. Joining a bootcamp is the best option there is to achieve their fitness goal in the quickest time possible.

1. Burn more calories faster than other workout sessions

Bootcamps, at the least, focus on three things: Cardio, strength and agility. The sessions are far more intense as jumping jacks, pushups, squats and other circuit exercises are done one after another, with very little rest in between. Imagine how much calories you’ll be burning once you engage in such a routine!

2. Less risk of injury

There is less worry of injury as each exercise is done on a 20-60 second time limit to avoid leaving the muscles overworked, but at the same time, keeps you from slacking off because those seconds will be intense. So, don’t worry about not being able to walk gracefully on those 4-inch heels.

3. Bootcamp workouts target the entire body

The exercises being done at bootcamps target muscles and burn fats throughout the entire body. Those gowns and swim wear better be ready for the great shape that you’ll be in.

4. Learn the art of healthy competition

Most bootcamps are social in nature. You’ll be able to develop your social skills, at the same time, get some practice on healthy competition. Pageants nowadays place a big importance on personality and character.

5. You receive valuable training in keeping yourself fit and healthy

Participants of Dangerously fit bootcamps are guided by the optimum nutrition plan created bySydney’s top nutritionist, Rachel Jones. We give them access to our personal trainers and nutritionists via an online system so that they can ask questions about their training at any time.

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