Personal Training And Physical Therapy

According to an article published by The Japan Times, the fitness industry is suffering a slight setback in their corporate account as many of their clients have not been renewing their personal training programs.

To address this business problem, many of the fitness groups are offering services that seem new and are reaching out to individuals to offer these services. Personal training has evolved from mere exercises to help a person slim down and get toned, therapy is now also included in the package; at least in some fitness facilities.

Physical therapists can be effective personal trainers

Physical therapists can be effective personal trainers

Although there is no direct mention of the practice itself, it seems that Central Sports, Co. is applying physical therapy principles to their personal training programs to help their clients.

Here’s the article on The Japan Times:

Is Central Sports Co. Using Physical Therapy In Personal Training?

What is physical Therapy and how does it affect a personal training program?

 How Personal Training Benefits From Physical Therapy

Physical therapy or PT is a health care profession that involves impairment and disability remediation. According to Wikipedia, physical therapy promotes “mobility, functional ability, quality of life and movement” usually involving certain physical examinations necessary in the evaluation and assessment of a person’s condition. Most physical therapists are very effective personal trainers.

Many people acquire injuries through different means; some from serious accidents and some in simple ones such as a slip, a bump or an accidental fall.

Exercise has always been therapeutic by nature; but when a personal trainer administers a fitness plan that directly targets the bone problems, the service becomes so much worth the investment. Many people decide to discontinue their gym memberships because they think they’re only getting a weight loss program which, many would misconstrue, they can do all on their own.

But when personal training is offered with something that they need, people are willing to shell out money to be able to avail of the service.

Before signing up for a fitness program, it is important that the personal trainer is certified by an recognized accreditation institution. Personal trainers should be able to teach proper execution of workouts to avoid injuries and are able to assess your fitness capability correctly.

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