If Pilates and boxing got a baby, it is going to be Piloxing. It is a calorie-burning, muscle-toning, and core-focused exercise meant to turn you into sleek, in good shape, and feeling sexy. Much like its other popular workout program alternatives, classes are established to a high energy, enjoyable environment – although Piloxing completely sets itself apart through catering to women.

Piloxing has properly mixed Pilates and boxing that has rhythmic dance moves in between. The high-energy, full-body interval workout draws in typically women, such as Hollywood celebrities like Hilary Duff, Ashley Tisdale, Alexis Bledal, Vanessa Hudgens, Kirsten Dunst, Amanda Crew Haylie Duff, and Melissa McCarthy.

Piloxing, a training routine created for women. Photo by: exhilaratefitness.com

Piloxing, a training routine created for women.
Photo by: exhilaratefitness.com

It really might be the next big thing after Zumba, and it is not difficult to determine why. The intense workout is meant to deal with prevalent concerns women have with regards to their bodies— fat abs, fleshy arms, wide hips, flabby triceps, and thunder thighs. Viveca Jensen, the Swedish celebrity trainer who is the brainchild of Piloxing, believes that the workout strives to mentally and physically motivate women through fitness.

However, Piloxing is mostly based on Pilates’ concepts. Breathing is by the nose, then exhaling with the mouth. Expanding the ribs makes it much better to breathe and control motion.

Piloxing burns up between 400 to 900 calories for each session, based upon an individual’s level of fitness, age and weight. For better strength building and calorie burn, individuals may choose to make use of the Piloxing gloves, which weigh half a pound each. That option is just for advanced individuals.

Regular fitness footwear is prohibited. Barefoot training is essential to support the feet that work as the body’s shock absorber. Going barefoot strengthens and stretches the arches, enhances the circulation of the blood and enables a sleek landing. Socks that have grips on soles like sticky socks are allowed. Diabetics may wear barefoot shoes for defense against infection.

Furthermore, the dance part is often the enjoyable part, including minimal breaks in between intense boxing and Pilates. The 13-track class for about 60 minutes is full of energetic music, which goes between 125 to 145 bpm. Per session is really challenging and intense along with other forms of exercise over the week.

here’s an article from Times Dispatch about the newest fitness craze, Piloxing.

New Workout Form Mixes Boxing, Ballet, Pilates

Donning the half-pound gloves makes you feel as if you’re in for a serious all-boxing workout. But then you take off your shoes (what?) and warm up with plié squats and ballet toe points.

This is piloxing, a fusion class created on the West Coast that has spread to fitness centers and dance studios across the country.

It’s the only class in which I’ve heard the boxing commands “attack, retreat” in the same few minutes as an instruction to “assume second position and elevate,” which is a ballet move that involves turning out the toes and lifting the heels.

Piloxing builds long, lean muscles, defining and toning them in the process. It improves endurance, cardio, stimulates lean body fat ration and is great for weight loss. It also improves balance and stabilization, posture, agility and coordination, and mental and physical connection and emotional health.

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