Exercise is good for you! A lot of people always say that, and one of them is your doctor so it must be true. It is a crucial element of a healthy body, especially as you age. In addition, it is probably the greatest things that you can do for yourself.

But let’s say you don’t like exercise? Well, if you are not interested in any workout, you are obviously not alone. However, there are certain things you can do to turn this around. Think about reasons you want to train and not about excuses not to train. Believe in yourself and in what you want to achieve.

At all times, strive for progress and not for perfection. Though some of you quit because of slow progress, but come to think of it, slow progress is still progress. You just have to push yourself and schedule a session with yourself for workout time. Start a daily routine, so that you can start to look forward to working out. Make exercise time nonnegotiable and sacred. It is on your behalf, to make you feel good and look good, and that you are worth it!

As what Arthur Ashe used to say…

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

Watch this video and be inspired!

Stay Motivated to Exercise

Thought to ponder: when it comes to exercise it is not important what you do, it is only important that you do.

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