lready Bored With Your Regular Gym? Outdoor Fitness Training Can Be an Excellent Alternative

Outdoor Fitness is a great alternative than going to a gym

Staying fit is an essential aspect of staying healthy. It is considered as one of the many goals for many this 2013. Though staying fit can be a difficult grind, and most people detest the thought of heading to gym to workout. Doing exercise in the gym can get terribly boring, and in some cases, it can compel you to withdraw from working out.  There’s an excellent option, and it can be suitable outdoor. Outdoor fitness workout is a perfect option for those people who enjoy outdoors, and find it hard to maintain the routine of a gym workout.

Outdoor training combines exercising with weights and cardio activities. Depending on your fitness instructor, there could be a variety of activities like sprints, running, and other cardio activities that you’d normally do in a gym. Outdoor exercises are not just right for your physical health, but as well good for your mental and emotional health. It is because as you exercise outside in the serene surrounding, your body releases stress hormones, helps your troubled mind to relax a bit, and also lighten you up emotionally.

An example of an outdoor fitness exercise is walking. Simple things like walking can boost stamina and can be done by anyone. Through regular walking, it can relieve many physical conditions and seems like a remedy for all your health problems. It is a lot better for burning calories rather than engaging for weight loss diets that drive you to minimize almost everything you eat.

Biking is one thing that is on everybody’s lips when outdoor exercise is talked about. It manages to keep your legs in perfect shape as well as improves blood circulation. By doing this, you have the tendency to drink lots of water which will help in flushing out toxins from your body, hence improving your health, as well.

Sport is not only for leisure, it can be ideal for working out every single part of your body – heart, lungs, legs, hands, chest, abdomen, as well as your mind. It is one of the best ways to get moving. There are so many exercise that you can do outdoors. These are just a few.

There are also outdoor training camps that are available to work with you on your training like Dangerously Fit. All their training is performed outdoor with minimal equipment. They will set up your training outdoors so you can work out and enjoy yourself. Good thing about outdoor training camps is the challenge and variety of workouts, the beauty of the outdoors and the team-oriented aspects that are driving the popularity and success of boot camps.

Check out this article from Ryan Healy of, it can be of great help for your outdoor exercises. Why not give it a try!

Tips in Doing Outdoor Fitness Workout

20 minute outdoor interval workout

“Have you ever had the best of intentions to workout at your gym around this time of year, only to leave frustrated and discouraged because the facility was packed and not a free treadmill or bike was to be seen? Here’s a little tip; always have a backup plan! This 20 minute workout will give you just that…

…give this work out a try


For 5 minutes, either walk or jog at an intensity that allows you to easily hold on a conversation…


Work for 10 minutes, alternating between one minute at your easy warm-up intensity, and one minute at a faster and very challenging effort that leaves you breathing heavily…


Take another 5 minutes to completely catch your breath and bring the intensity down.


Wear a watch or carry a stopwatch so that you can easily keep track of your time…

To make this workout harder, push the intensity a little higher during the challenging efforts, or add on more intervals.


Using this same format (alternating between easy and hard efforts), try walking or running up and down a set of stairs for the challenging efforts, and then stopping to catch your breath for the easy efforts.”

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