One of the questions I get asked the most is… “which should I buy, the steel mace or the steel club?”

One isn’t better than the other, they’re very similar but have a few subtle differences.

In the picture above is a 6kg mace and a 6kg club.

As you can see they’re both the same weight but the mace has significantly more leverage than the club.

The mace has a long handle with nearly its entire weight held in the sphere shaped mace head. 

The club on the other hand is shaped like a baseball bat with the majority of the weight in the elongated barrel.  

The heavier the club, the longer the handle and barrel. A 20kg club is significantly longer than a 4kg club. See the picture below.


Whereas, the mace’s handle is always 93cm (except the 3kg) and there isn’t much difference in the overall length between a 20kg mace and a 4kg mace, the sphere of the mace head just gets bigger. See the picture below.


My recommendation is to get both as they’re both fantastic training tools that complement each other perfectly.

The longer handle of the mace makes it more suitable for two handed exercises and for hand to hand transitions, it also allows for a little more variety in exercise selection.

The shorter length of the club makes it more suitable for doubles (a club in each hand), for lateral swinging movements across the front of the body and for chopping movements.

Personally, I use both.

I like to use a heavy mace for my two-handed swinging movements like the 360 and 10-2 and I use a lighter mace for full body exercises and flow workouts.

I use a set of lighter clubs for my doubles (club in each hand) and a heavy club for my singles (one club in one hand).

Ultimately though these are highly versatile training tools and there is no right or wrong, most people will gravitate slightly towards one over the other. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you’ll intuitively get a feel for what feels best for you.

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