If you want to go for a more effective weight loss program, then signing up for aFitness Boot Camp is the way to go.

The Dangerously Fit Boot Camp Program employs a combination of Strength Training and High Intensity Interval Training Workouts that vary from day to day. This is very important because when the body gets used to a certain activity, like doing the same exercise everyday, it becomes stagnant. This means that the body will adjust to the activity and its physical demands. This, in turn, lowers the amount of calories that you burn. The fewer calories you burn, the lower your weight loss.

In High Intensity Interval Training, the body is given to short bursts of highly rigorous activities,  while in Strength Training, muscles are utilized and maximized in every workout.  Studies have shown that both High Intensity Interval Training and Strength Training that are offered in fitness Boot Camps are the most effective means of burning fats and reducing calories.

Burn more fat in a Boot Camp

Burn more fat in a Boot Camp

Joining Fitness Boot Camps allow you to achieve greater weight loss while you enjoy the benefits of having a Personal Trainer as well. Because you have people around you who will inspire you and a Group Trainer who will encourage you, push you and celebrate with you for every workout milestone you cover, your chances of shedding more weight is higher. Going through the drills is much more fun and exciting when you’re doing it with others. Certified Personal Trainer, Al Yenkevich validates the effectiveness of Fitness Boot Camps as a Weight Loss Program over hiring a Personal Trainer in an article in Heraldnet.com.

Burn more fats in a Fitness Boot Camp

Al Yenkevich talks about burning more calories in his Fitness Boot Camp

The hour-long sessions incorporate 50 different workouts, so the boredom factor is low and the calorie-burning is high — 500 to 1,200 calories per session, Yenkevich said.

Some participants have lost more than 70 pounds.

Camaraderie is high in boot camps, he said, and the cost is far lower than hiring a personal trainer.

Weight Loss happens more when you have fun while working on it. Dangerously Fit Boot Camp have various time slots to accomodate different schedules .  Sign up for our program by logging on to our official website at Dangerously Fit Boot Camp