Biggest Loser Gym opens for Overweights

It’s about time someone picks up on the concept and come up with a Biggest Loser Gym.  Francis Wisniewski, founder of Downsize Fitness Gym, had the brilliant idea of putting up a fitness haven for the people who need the assistance of workout programs the most – those who struggle against obesity.

Biggest Loser Gym opens for Overweights

Biggest Loser Gym opens for Overweights

There have been worldwide campaigns against obesity which is considered one of our biggest health concerns. In Australia alone, obesity cases number 1 in 4 adults. Several programs such as boot camps and other weight loss classes have been made available by different fitness companies to provide a variety of options for people who want to shed the excess fat.  By far, the show, the Biggest Loser, is the most popular media directly addressing and raising awareness on the obesity issue.

But why is weight loss and fitness so important?

Obesity happens to be one of the biggest culprits in cases of heart attacks and diabetes. It also causes hypertension, liver and gall bladder diseases, stroke and some cancers. Losing weight and getting into shape is more than just a call for vanity,  your weight and your health are closely connected.

Sadly, most overweight people feel very uncomfortable and out-of- place in most gyms and fitness programs because a good number of those who sign up are fitness enthusiasts who are simply maintaining their healthy way of living.  This is why Dangerously fit Boot Camp members are grouped according to their physical capabilities. This way, the members will not feel embarrassed or shy going through the exercises and workout sessions because they are doing it side-by-side with people who feel the same way as they do.

Dangerously fit Boot Camp also considered a struggle common to many people battling obesity – damaged self-esteem. In our Group Personal Training Programs, people are given encouragement and are motivated firmly but appropriately.

Do you see yourself working out those flabs in the Biggest Loser gym? What’s stopping you from being healthy and fit? It’s not as far-fetched a dream as you think and it’s never too late to make it happen.

Dangerously fit Boot Camp welcomes people of all shapes and sizes.  Register for our Group Personal Training programs through our official site at