The kettlebell clean is an important movement in kettlebell training, it moves the kettlebell from the swing or from floor into the rack position.

Try not to let the kettlebell bang on the back of the hand, the biggest mistake I see personal trainers make when I’m running courses is performing a swing clean where the arm moves too far away from the body.

Instead, keep the elbow as tight to the ribs as much as you can. The kettlebell should be moving around the outside of the wrist and not flip over the top, this will also help stop the kettlebell hitting the back of hand.

Teaching Points

  1. Initiate the movement with a hip hinge and hip drive.
  2. The elbow must remain tight to the body.
  3. When you initiate the clean your hand should stay close to the body and be on your midline.
  4. Let the bell move around the outside of wrist and spear your hand through the ‘window’ of the bell.
  5. Brace and absorb the impact and keep the abs and glutes tight.

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit

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