The clean is an important movement because it’s the link between many kettlebell exercises. Before your clients perform the double clean they must first feel comfortable in the double rack position. Although the clean is a simple movement it can be a difficult exercise to master.

Teaching Points

  1. Initiate the movement with the swing.
  2. The elbows must remain tight to the body, think about holding a newspaper under your arms).
  3. When you initiate the clean your hands should stay close to the body and be on your midline, think about zipping up your coat.
  4. Let the bell move around the wrist and spear your hands through the ‘window’ of the bell.
  5. Brace and absorb the impact and keep the abs and glutes tight.
  6. Finish the movement in the racked position.
  7. Lower the kettlebells between the legs and repeat.