The double kettlebell swing is the fundamental kettlebell exercise for all ballistic exercises. It strengthens the posterior muscle chain within a dynamic exercise that includes both acceleration and deceleration phases. The swing has a massive carry over to general activity and sports due to the powerful snapping hip extension involved. It is also great for mastering techniques, positions and postures for other exercises. The swing must be completed with competence before progressing to exercises such as kettlebell cleans, high pulls and snatches.

Teaching Points

  1. Hinge the hips.
  2. Grab the kettlebells by the handles with the kettlebells internally rotated.
  3. Hike the kettlebells back between your legs keeping them close to your body.
  4. Powerfully drive your hips forward with your feet placed firmly on the ground.
  5. Let the kettlebells arc upwards to shoulder height.
  6. Brace your core and let the kettlebells naturally drop down between your legs.
  7. Keep a neutral spine throughout the movement.