The double kettlebell snatch is the king of the kettlebell ballistic exercises. It is one of the most difficult moves to get right and should only be attempted after mastery of the double kettlebell high-pull. The lift basically involves lifting the Kettlebells from a Kettlebell swing to the overhead locked out position in one move.

The most challenging part of the double kettlebell snatch is getting the punch through at the end of the move correct; so that you can position the kettlebells behind your wrist without banging and bruising it.

Teaching Points

  1. Begin the snatch by hiking the kettlebells back between the legs
  2. Once the bells have passed through the legs powerfully extend through the hips and drive the kettlebells up to eye level
  3. Use the high pull action by bending the arms followed by a fast vertical punch upwards to fully straighten the arms
  4. Use a fast, smooth action to catch the kettlebells at the top to prevent them from banging the forearm
  5. Pause, looking forward with the arms straight next to ears and your shoulders packed down
  6. Fluidly lower the kettlebells so they drop down between the legs.