Similar to the push press, the kettlebell jerk can be used to lift heavier loads overhead than a strict press. However, this is a much more complex movement than the strict press and push press. Only attempt the single jerk when you have mastered the push press and only perform the double jerk after mastering the single jerk.

Teaching Points

  1. Start in the rack position
  2. Keep the pressing hand close the centre of the body
  3. Use the dip in the hips and knees to drive the kettlebell overhead
  4. Keep the shoulders packed down, the lats activated and drive upwards in a vertical line through the elbow
  5. Inhale as you press the kettlebell overhead
  6. Dip under the kettlebell to catch them before extending the hips and standing tall
  7. Stomp your heels into the ground and catch the the kettlebell overhead
  8. Activate the abdominals just before tricep reaches the rib cage on the drop
  9. Exhale and absorb the impact when catching the kettlebell back into the rack position