The Turkish Get-Up is an all over functional body conditioning / strengthening exercise. It targets most muscles of the body, but is particularly good for developing the core as well as shoulder strength, stability and range. There is a set procedure for the Turkish Get-Up, but traditionally the Turkish Get-Up is simply getting up from a lying position.

Teaching Points

  1. Start in a foetal position close to the kettlebell with both hands on the handle.
  2. Roll over onto the back keeping the kettlebell close and your legs and position your arms and legs at 90 degrees.
  3. Press the kettlebell with one or two hands.
  4. Look at the kettlebell at all times.
  5. Flex the knee on the same side as the kettlebell with the foot firmly planted on the floor.
  6. Simultaneously drive through the heel whilst rolling onto the opposite elbow pushing the kettlebell forward and up so the pressing arm remains vertical.
  7. Avoid shrugging the empty shoulder and push upwards until the arm is straight.
  8. Lift the hips up and move the straight leg underneath the body into a lunge position, again keeping the kettlebell arm vertical and looking at the kettlebell.
  9. When in lunge position look forwards and push up to a standing position.
  10. Reverse the actions under control to the start position.
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