Kids Boot Camps Produce Happy and Healthy Kids

Kids Boot Camps are now being introduced in our communities as a way to fight against children’s health problems. Parents have realized that giving importance to health and fitness should extend to the rest of the family and that the boot camp is a great way to teach this to their children.

Kids Boot Camps Produce Happy and Healthy Kids

In an age where electronics and technology mostly make up a child’s extra-curricular activity schedule, there is a tendency to be negligent or even ignorant of a child’s developmental needs. Obesity, the inability to focus, lack of energy and enthusiasm and even Diabetes are common among children nowadays, most particularly among those who spend too much time in front of the television or playing video games.

What people need to know is that children need to be out playing. Running, jumping, balancing and hanging on bars, playing with other children and other outdoor activities are not just fun stuff to do to kill time; these are actually basic workouts vital to a child’s physical, psychological and physiological growth. In fact, several studies have shown that children who are more exposed to outdoor physical activities are healthier, quicker, smarter and more analytical than kids who only sit by their desks and learn the ABCs and 123s while confined within the four walls of a classroom for several hours.

There must be a good balance between classroom activity and outdoor exercises.

The best thing to do is to jump start a child on fitness early when they are most receptive and trainable. When you train a child early in anything, including the habit of exercising and a good diet, chances are he will be doing it for the rest of his life.  This is where the Dangerously fit Kids Boot Camp comes in.

Dangerously fit Kids Boot Camp is just one of the Active After School programs that our company offers to assist parents in promoting wellness and fitness to their children. We capitalize on “fun” as we engage the children in cardiovascular and strength training games and drills.

Contrary to what some people believe, sports, games and other physical activities added to a child’s daily activities are not deterrent to a child’s energy; physical activity coupled with a healthy diet restores and maintains a child’s energy, promotes discipline and even improves a child’s sleeping habits.

Here’s an article about a Toddler’s Boot Camp relayed by the Herald Sun:

“Fitness is booming for all ages but kids have been neglected,” Mr Graham said.

“Obesity is higher than ever and we really want to prevent it by trying to help from an early age.

“If we get them enjoying exercise at a young age, it sets them up for the rest of their lives.’’

You can read the complete article by clicking here.

Other than the Kids Boot Camp, Dangerously fit Kids Active After School Fitness programs include Kids Self-defense, Kids Sports and Kids Yoga. Our trainers for these programs are all certified by Fitness Australia and Mini Moves and have undergone additional training in kids fitness. Your kids will be in the hands of highly trained and highly dedicated Kids Fitness Experts.

To register for any of the Dangerously fit Kids Active After School Programs, log on to our official website at Kids Fitness Bootcamp.