Why King George Park Personal Trainers do the Burpees

Burpees is one of the most popular, effective full-body exercise routine according toKing George Park Personal Trainers. It’s been used for warming up by athletes, the military, in martial arts, in bootcamps and in personal training; but a full set of burpees can also be an effective, stand-alone workout on days that allow very little time for exercising.

King George Park Personal Trainers say Burpees are effective

King George Park Personal Trainers say Burpees are effective

Burpees Workout is a fat burning exercise that is also a strength training and body conditioning workout. King George Park Personal Trainers explain that the set consisting of simple, but very rapid movements done in successions can, in itself, work out your upper body, your lower body and your core. A Burpees drill is 50% higher in intensity than any other fat burning exercises.

King George Park Personal Trainers describe Burpees to score high in developing strength and endurance, improving agility and coordination, increasing flexibility and sculpting the body. Ball players and soldiers are the most obvious recipients of these benefits.

How to perform a Burpee

King George Personal Trainers warn that even though Burpees seem very easy to do, you must ensure that you have the proper posture in all its 7 steps to keep yourself from incurring any injury.  Keep your shoulders relaxed and retracted, your back straight and your core and abs tight when in standing position. Slightly arch your back as you squat down to prepare for the push up position, and keep your arms in line with your shoulders as you lower your chest during the push up.

The steps in doing a Burpee are as follows: From standing position, go down to a squat with your arms straight forward and moving up as you make your way down to the floor. Slightly arch your back once your knees are driven out over your toes. Touch the floor and straighten your knees, keep your back straight, making sure that your hands are directly in line with your shoulders. With a thrust, extend both your legs to the back into the push up position. Lower your chest to the floor and go up, fold your legs back with your knees to your chest. Then, go up and jump with your arms straight up above your eyes, landing softly on your feet. Burpees must be done in several, rapid successions.

The secret behind Burpees

According to King George Park Personal Trainers, the secret to the effectiveness of Burpees in relation to weight loss has a certain science to it. Burpees performed at very high degrees allow the body to produce a lactic acid that causes excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC. Triggering EPOC means that the body burns more calories than the body normally does not only during the workout but even after you’re done exercising.

Another benefit it gives, as shared by the King George Park Trainers, is that when you do sets of burpees, your body produces Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) which helps increase your body’s anaerobic capacity or the ability of your body to perform without oxygen. ATP is a high energy molecule that capacitates the functions of the body in the absence of oxygen.

Burpees is just one of the few challenging workout routines taught and implemented by the King George Park Personal Trainers at the bootcamps. Dangerously fit bootcamp participants are kept on their toes with variations of exercises, workouts and physical activities. This helps members from hitting a plateau and looking forward and excited for the upcoming challenges.

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