Exercise Should Be Encouraged Among Children

Because obesity is rising among children, it has become the primary reason why kids are being pushed to exercise more and to play more. However, recent studies have shown that not only is exercise good in targeting obesity, but that it is also good for improving bone density that helps avoid fractures as they grow older.

Exercise Strengthens Kids' Bones

Exercise Strengthens Kids’ Bones

The old games outdoors such as hopscotch, tag and skip ropes are no longer as familiar as it had been back in the days. Nowadays, kids prefer keeping to a corner and fiddling with their mom’s Ipads; and parents let them do so because it buys them a few hours of rest.

Technology isn’t the only thing to blame in this picture. Crimes involving children as victims have also risen through the years and the once safe outdoors are no longer as safe as it had been.  Laws in certain states in the U.S. require that an adult would stay outside with the children when they play because of the threat on their safety. What if a car driven by a drunk young adult speeds by? What if a man with dirty thoughts chanced upon your daughter?

Because of these reasons, the health of the children had been put at risk. Playing outside, being active, running, jumping, skipping and hopping all contribute to a child’s physical, psychological and mental development.

Lately, news that a physically active child, especially those who took special classes like dancing or sports, are found to have stronger bone density. This quality means that they are not likely to suffer fractures when they grow older.

Here’s the article on Time Magazine:

Exercise strengthens kids’ bones

Reporting at the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine’s Specialty Day in Chicago, the researchers found that during the study period, children in the group that exercised daily reported 72 fractures, while those in the control group recorded 143 fractures. Those who were physically active for 40 minutes a day also showed higher bone density in the spine compared to those who did not exercise as much. Bone density is an indication of bone strength, and the denser bone density is early in life, the stronger bones remain decades later, when natural thinning of bones weakens the skeleton and increases the risk of fractures and breaks.

Aside from bone density, Exercise for kids have other benefits. These are as follows:

Other Benefits Kids Get From Exercise

1.Kids who exercise while young will develop the habit.

Instilling the value of exercise and living healthily will probably be one of the best gifts that parents can give to their children as exercise is tailed by its many benefits such as lesser risk of heart ailments and other chronic diseases.

When you start them you, they will have develop the habit and will continue living healthily as they continue to grow.

2. Exercise helps children overcome sleeping problems.

Children who do not have much physical activities or do not go out of the house suffer from insomnia as early as six years old.

This sleeping problem will take toll on their health as kids that lack sleep are often malnourished, less energetic, develop attention-problems and has temper tantrums. Most importantly, it affects their growth and development.

3. Children who exercise are mostly spared from feelings of depression and anxiety.

Children who play a lot are proven to have healthier self-esteem and suffer less from mood dips and swings.

4. Exercise helps improve a child’s motor skills and coordination.

Exercise hones a child’s motor and coordination skills.  .

5. Given the right venue, exercise can develop a child’s interpersonal skills.

Sports, bootcamps and other group exercise programs can help boost a child’s ability to get to know other kids, learn how to relate with them through play, and learn how to build relationships.

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