How the Right Diet can keep you Happy
When you feel bugged by your hectic working life and equally demanding social schedule you must think of new ways to beat the stress. One important way you could contribute to your health and wellbeing is to hire Bondi personal trainers. Your personal trainer will tell you the type of exercises and diet chart you need to follow in order to live a happy and stress-free life. Here are some foods which will truly ensure that you keep smiling.

Have a joyful breakfast
Dan Clay a personal trainer in Bondi says that breakfast should be the powerhouse meal for the day. For complete nutrition you should learn to combine a healthy balance of complex carbs, lean protein and good fat in your breakfast. One good way to have a nutritious and happy breakfast is to make nut added quinona with blackberries as the topping.

Quinona is a natural nutrient that is packed with hunger appeasing proteins. So if you are on a weight loss plan quinona is your best friend. The milk is going to enhance your mood by triggering serotonin levels. Walnuts are rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. This breakfast recipe will keep you smiling till lunch time.

Have a relaxed lunch
Lunch is an important meal because it will serve as the main source of nutrition for the day. You will need to have the kind of food which keeps you happy and alert so that you can concentrate on delivering a dazzling performance at work. Personal fitness trainers in Bondi often recommend this happy lunch recipe to their clients.

Salmon with lemon rinds and a tasty kidney bean salad is the perfect way to have a quick and joyful lunch. Salmon is a powerhouse of vitamin B6 which is automatically going to elevate serotonin levels and keep you happy. Salmon is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids which will keep your heart healthy. The red bell pepper garnishing will offer plenty of vitamin C to your body to repair its dead cells. The navy beans contain magnesium which will keep the PMS blues away.

Have a happy dinner
Here is something so inherently delicious and visually appealing about a steaming bowl of Paella that merely viewing it is going to keep your mood happy. Shrimp paella with chickpea and saffron might take a slightly longer time to cook but you are surely going to have fun preparing this dish.
Bondi personal fitness trainers recommend this dish because of the depression countering properties of saffron. Chickpeas are good sources of protein and also contain tryptophan which is going to keep you happy.

Sign out with a steaming hot cup
Try the therapeutic power of a steaming hot cup of cocoa. You will experience a happy rush of hormones within a minute. Though cocoa powder contains fat and no personal trainer in Bondi is going to recommend this, a steaming hot cup might serve as an emergency solution for beating the stress. Be sure to check out for more health and fitness tips.