I can’t believe it’s nearly March and 2 months have already passed – so it’s a good time to check if you’re on the right path to achieving your new year’s resolutions.

Do you have a plan?

Have you been keeping track of your progress?

Are you doing something everyday to bring you closer to your goals?

How close are you to achieving your new year’s resolutions?

If your goal is to lose 12 kilos this year have you already lost 2?

Time goes fast so don’t waste it, if your goal is to get into shape don’t procrastinate – start TODAY. It doesn’t matter if you’re behind, work a little harder and make up for it.

Often people who fail to reach their goals are unsuccessful because they do not outline their expectations, establish appropriate timeframes and evaluate the results of past programs.

Try using this 4 step V.P.I.C training model;

1. Visualize – Have a vision of exactly what it is you’re trying to accomplish.

2. Plan – How you will get there, what you need to get there, what could prevent you from getting there.

3. Implement – Begin training, schedule training sessions and think of them as appointments.

4. Close – Review last program, what went right – what didn’t, what can be improved? Begin planning and implementing next program.

There’s nothing you can do about the past 2 months – they’re gone forever, but unless you start today before you know it we’ll be in 2015.

I’ll leave you with a quick video for some motivation…


Train Hard!

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit