Olive Oil: A Weight Loss Blessing

Eating healthy is a concern for many people especially if they’re on a weight loss program. As lots of cooks always say ‘Fat is flavor’ and most foods must have cooking oils during the preparation process. However, a lot of cooking oils are, in fact, polyunsaturated fats and saturated fats that are not just bad for the heart, but they as well cause weight gain. On the beneficial aspect, there are actually oils like olive oil, which are considered monounsaturated fats that offer many benefits.

Results of research indicate olive oil may help with losing weight and control cravings for food. Based on the results, natural oils can help us become full right after eating. Taking in fewer calories is required to lose weight and preventing weight gain, however, so far, experts say they weren’t certain if lower calorie foods may only force us to consume more from feelings of food cravings.

Olive Oil Could Aid Weight Loss

Olive Oil Could Aid Weight Loss

Researchers particularly would like to determine if and how olive oil along with other healthy fats may help cut back hunger or contribute to weight gain that has not been apparent. They also investigated if olive oil may help satisfy food cravings from its smell. A survey conducted where a group of participants were given yogurt, the other one has with olive oil aroma and the other one was just a plain yogurt. Based on the results, the olive oil group’s calorie consumption remained the same while the plain yogurt group consumed a lot more calories a day.

Another finding from the investigation is how olive oil influences glucose levels. When blood sugar levels fall within the blood stream, we become hungry. For their research, experts studied what aromas in olive oil provide the most significant effect on delaying glucose absorption.

The finding indicates olive oil consists of substances that may slow glucose absorption to stay feeling full for a longer time after meals which aromas have a role in helping weight loss. It also has the capacity to stop us from eating more calories as it increases the quantity of a satiety hormone serotonin.

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Olive Oil for Weight Loss

Could olive oil be the key to weight loss? Scientists discover even the SMELL of it can make us feel full

“Putting olive oil on the dinner table could help you stay slim – because the smell makes us feel full.
Olive oil could aid weight loss by making people feel fuller for longer and by staving off hunger pangs…

During research, aroma extracts from the oil reduced the study group’s calorie intake by nearly 200 a day…

People who ate olive oil infused yoghurt had higher levels of the hormone serotonin in their blood…”

If you haven’t included olive oil into your diet program, look into the investigation results indicating it may aid in losing weight. You could consume the oil with the spoonful if in case you have a hard time adding it to your meals.

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