What does one expect to see in a marathon? You expect to see runners breaking into a smile as they reach the finish line, kids jumping up and down, clapping their hands in glee as they see their dad, mom, sister, brother or any relative make it down. You expect to see personal trainers slapping the backs of their trainees or parents having hoisted their children on their shoulders for a better view.

But this was not the case last Monday at the oldest Marathon event in the world, the Boston Marathon. Copley square, where the event was held, was like a scene straight from the movie, except that it wasn’t. People lay bloodied on the streets and pavement, some have lost their limbs. Couples frantically leading their children away from the scene while the police give warnings that there might still be another bomb.

According to the latest news updates, there are now at least 30 people whose legs have been amputated. One of them, a little girl of six, whose eight year old brother was one of the three deaths reported. Her mother was being treated for a brain injury and her father and another brother sustained minor injuries.

No one could tell who did it and why. U.S. President Barrack Obama promises that the perpetrators would be brought to justice andBostonofficials swear that it will not bring their city down.

Australian Paralympian Kurt Fearnley, who finished the race hours earlier along with other elite athletes, was resting at a hotel a good 100 meters away from the scene of the bomb. He immediately tried to contact the other Australians who were still at the marathon and was relieved to find that they were all fine and uninjured. Aboriginal runner, Emma Cameron was the last one that they found from their group.

Here’s the article on news.com.au:

Australian Personal Trainers, Runners Who Participated In The Marathon Were Safe And Uninjured

Adelaide personal trainer and marathon and triathlon competitor, Anna Liptak, ran the marathon with her client, fellow South Australian Chantelle Peacock, and had returned to their hotel room when the explosions occurred, she told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“We didn’t hear about it till we got back to the hotel,” she said.

“We were heading out to go and have a spa and someone came up in the lift and said ‘there’s been an explosion’. We could hear all the fire engines and police outside our window.”

You can read more here.

Boston Marathon organizers vow that they will keep to the tradition as Boston Marathon is also an event marking the celebration of Patriot’s Day. How personal trainers, athletes and runners will respond to it is still undetermined considering that many of the participants this year have friends or family who will never be able to run the same way again.

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