Add More Fun to Your Fitness Routine with Buti Fitness

If you’re a yoga fanatic, you are going to love the various types of yoga to take part in. This traditional workout is popular, providing us more options so that we will never get bored with our exercise routine. This fitness craze is called Buti Fitness – a fusion of dancing and yoga.

Buti Fitness was developed by Bizzie Gold, who is an expert in yoga and fitness. This is a high-intensity workout that is guaranteed to burn more calories and give you the booty you have always wanted. Expect to have plenty of hip moving, booty shaking dancing combined with yoga. If you love the mind-relaxing attributes of yoga with the heart pumping and fun advantages of dance, then Buti Fitness is something that you will find enjoyable. If you’re worried if you’ll still obtain strength and flexibility, the answer is definitely yes. You are going to get all the advantages that traditional yoga provides and even more.

Buti Fitness: Dance and Yoga Combined Photo Credit:

Buti Fitness: Dance and Yoga Combined
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Bizzie Gold will really move your booty and get you down with her Tone workouts. You will get your heart pumpin’, and you will definitely sweat and burn more calories. You will still see some traditional yoga poses in the Tone workouts but with a twist like booty shakes and hip circles. This will tone your core because of several core isolating moves that you will get from the dance classes. Moreover, the Sculpt workouts include a lot more traditional high-intensity moves such as lunges, squats, skaters, jumps, etc.

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Fit at Five: Buti Fitness

“If your definition of a good workout includes music, high energy, and a lot of laughter than this class is right up your alley. Buti Fitness is the latest fitness trend to hit Maine. It’s 60 minutes of a whole lot of booty moving/hip shaking action. It was created by a west coast mom looking to drop her pregnancy weight fast. Plyometrics give you those high intensity workout moments and the yoga moves combined with added sass of the hip shaking help to put a smile on your face.”

This workout is a bit strenuous yet fun, the blood-pumping moves are certainly not for everyone, but it will definitely give you a good workout.

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