As soon as life begins to take control, it is gonna be crucial for you to discover ways to exercise anywhere or everywhere. If you can’t get to the gym or any fitness clubs and you simply can’t get to your workout, it is best to find all possible ways just to get some exercise anywhere you are.

Take for example, a middle-aged Chinese woman caught the attention of a lot of people after she had been spotted working out on a moving bus.

Photo of a Chinese Woman Exercising on a Bus Goes Viral Photo Credit:

Photo of a Chinese Woman Exercising on a Bus Goes Viral
Photo Credit:

According to some eyewitness, the Chinese woman was around 40 years of age and spent almost twenty minutes working out on the bus in Changsha, Hunan Province as reported on

Video footage features the athletic woman doing a gymnastics routine that left many passengers on the bus baffled.

She makes use of the bars in the bus by doing stretching and performing some pull-ups.

Moreover, the sporty woman was even seen performing a perfect split.

Check out the video:

Chinese Woman Does Crazy Workout Routine on Moving Bus

By watching the video, you know now that you can possibly squeeze in a good workout no matter where you are. If you really want to exercise and stay fit, you just have to find ways just to achieve it. No more excuses.

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