Giving up smoking throughout pregnancy could be a tough move to take. If you have ever attempted to quit smoking throughout pregnancy, you already know how very challenging it may be. For one, you are coping with a lot stress of being pregnant and the baby, as well that you could have lost yourself during the process. As a result, you would like to reach for a cigarette.

But you need to know that doing an excessive amount of smoking throughout pregnancy can definitely affect your baby’s health. You should not smoke whatsoever throughout pregnancy because of the fact that you are putting your baby’s life and also his/her future in danger, as well. Therefore, if you are smoking at the moment, quitting smoking throughout pregnancy may be beneficial.

Pregnant women who smoke prior to pregnancy might deal with the tough challenge to stop cigarette cravings. Photo Credit:

Pregnant women who smoke prior to pregnancy might deal with the tough challenge to stop cigarette cravings.
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Smoking when you are pregnant reduces the oxygen levels for you and to your growing baby, as well as, spikes your baby’s heart rate. Smoking may also greatly increase the danger that the baby is born prematurely and/or born having a low birth weight. Smoking when you are pregnant may also greatly increase your baby’s chance of getting respiratory problems such as pneumonia and perhaps respiratory distress syndrome, making a baby experience difficulty expanding their lungs and ingesting oxygen.

Secondhand smoke also affects a pregnant mother and her baby’s health. Secondhand smoke is considered the fusion of smoke coming from a burning cigarette and the smoke exhaled by the smoker. The smoke, which will burn from the end of the cigarette basically consists of more dangerous substances than the smoke breathed in by the ones who smoke. Babies that are exposed to secondhand smoke could also acquire decreased lung capacity and therefore, are in a greater risk for SIDS or also known as sudden infant death.

Expectant mothers frequently notice an increased feeling in cravings that they had just before their pregnancy. Pregnant women who smoke prior to pregnancy might deal with the tough challenge to stop cigarette cravings. Based on research conducted recently, pregnant smokers that do twenty minutes of exercise may considerably decrease nicotine cravings.

A Canadian study found out that simply a brisk walk might help pregnant women who are smokers temporarily kick the habit throughout pregnancy. Exercise can help individuals quit smoking, but no study had proven it can also help women that are pregnant. Throughout pregnancy, a women’s metabolic process is higher; thus, cravings are much stronger, according to Harry Prapavessis, who led the study and also the director of Exercise and Health Psychology Laboratory.

You can read the rest of the article published online at Eye Witness News.

Exercise Helps Pregnant Women Quit Smoking – Study

[quote style=”boxed”]For pregnant women who want to quit smoking, a brisk walk can temporarily stave off tobacco cravings, says a Canadian study.

Previous research has shown exercise can interrupt nicotine cravings for both men and women. Whether the same was true for expecting mothers was unclear because pregnant women have increased metabolism, which can intensify longings for a cigarette, the researchers write in the journal Addictive Behaviours.[/quote]

In conclusion, if you’re pregnant and have trouble with smoking, you will need to get help right away. There is someone inside you that is depending on you to take proper care of yourself so that you can in turn take proper care of them. Don’t endanger the life of the unborn baby to have quick nicotine-rush. It’s your job to become the very best mother for your child no matter what. Do some light exercises and eat a well-balanced diet for your baby’s health.

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