Exercise Machine Calorie Counters Are Overestimated

One of the selling points of exercise machines is the counter that comes with every equipment. An exercise machine would usually have  a calorie counter that tells how many calories you’ve burned during a workout session on that particular machine.

Many people question the accuracy of these counters and people who have been frequenting the gyms, especially those who have worked with professional trainers can already supply the answer: No, when it comes to calorie and fat counters, they are not accurate.

The Numbers On the Exercise Machines' Calorie Counters Are Only General Estimates

The Numbers On the Exercise Machines’ Calorie Counters Are Only General Estimates

The calorie counters on the exercise machines are just general estimates based on the calculations on is a normal weight, healthy person. The dynamics will, of course, change, when the person on the machine does not meet those criteria.

According to Supreme Fitness’ Personal Trainer, Shana Martin in an interview with WiscTVChannel3000 says that most newer machines overestimate the calculations as much as 25-30%.

Shana Martin explains that when a person has more muscles, he tends to burn more calories because even after a workout, the person will still be burning them.

St.Mary’s Hospital’s Mary Wichern makes a good point by stating that it cannot be accurate when all that these machines would require of a person to input is the age when clearly, there are other factors that contribute to the calorie-burning process; specific factors like height, weight, sex and body type.

So, what are calorie counters for?

Basically, these counters are there just give the person doing the workout an idea of how hard he’s exercised for the day and more or less, how much calories he’s burned, keeping in mind that the numbers are not exact. The best way to gauge how much you’ve done for the day would still be how you feel overall.

Here’s a portion on an article on the accuracy of exercise machine counters on ABC News:

Maximizing Indoor Workouts Using Exercise Machines

When running on a treadmill, your legs are pulled back, whereas outdoor runners have to pull their body weight over their feet with each stride, meaning it takes more effort to cover the same distance.

But there is a way to make sure your treadmill workouts are as tough as your outdoor workouts.

“If you put it up to between 1 and 2 percent in elevation,” said de Mille. “It’ll re-create the demand of some wind resistance.”

Outdoor exercises are still more effective than indoor workouts despite the manyexercise equipment that has proliferated in the market because of the different fitness challenges and dynamics that the outdoors create.

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