Fitness Affects a Country’s Economy

Obesity can no longer be considered a personal thing. For a few years now, there have been media features on how a person’s fitness or poor fitness can affect a country’s economy.

Fitness Affects the Economy

Fitness Affects the Economy

Most recently in England, a proposal on cutting down the benefits of overweight people who refuse to get into the council-provided intervention programs for obesity has been put out. This is to encourage the people do something about their weight problem that’s usually the root cause of so many health problems; health problems that affect the country’s healthcare budget.

Healthcare costs on illnesses caused by obesity such as diabetes, hypertension and heart ailments have gone up to 10% in theU.S.

In Australia, the Australian Medical Association stated in a 2010 that total direct care and health care costs average to 2540 AUD for obese people and 2110 AUD for the overweight.

Health Care costs include hospitalization and prescription medication among others, while the non-health care costs include sickness allowances, transport expenses to the hospital and unemployment benefits. Many obese people are considered unfit and inefficient at the workplace.

There are no quick fitness solutions to obesity

The fact is that Obesity is a real problem and there are no overnight solutions. Overweight people must commit to losing the weight and persist on it. Exercise and a change in diet is the most ideal way to battle it out and getting a Personal Trainer involved may be the best option.

First of all, some obese people suffer from knee and joint problems. Certain exercises such as lunges and squats will prove most challenging and painful for them. Personal Trainers can help them execute these exercises and can design a progressive workout plan based on their physical capabilities and condition.

The worst thing to do to fat people, probably, is to make them feel like pariahs as if they have not gone through so much already, physically and psychologically. Many of them have difficulty looking for means to start on a fitness regimen because of the way they look. Their insecurities work through them as they try to burn off calories alongside normal weight people.

Gym Equipment are also not very useful as a lot of these exercise machines are not large enough, big enough, wide enough, strong enough or sturdy enough for an extremely overweight person to use. The outdoors offers a good space for some effective workouts and fitness boot camps have the best source of motivation and support.

Here’s a video of BBC News’ interview with Jonathan Carr West of London’s Local Government Information Unit regarding the proposal to cut down the benefits of the Obese:

Losing Benefits For Failing Fitness Requirements

Fear of losing their benefits may not be the best way to encourage the obese to work on their fitness problems; but they have to zoom out and angle on it on a different perspective and recognize that ones health does have its effects on the economy.

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