Policemen are very important people to us. Just the sight of them makes us feel safe and protected because we know that when trouble arises, we can count on them to come to our aid. It may sound a bit self-absorbed but their fitness matters a lot to us because it is when they are healthy that we feel that they are capable to help our families.

Policemen need to take their fitness seriously as their lives and other people's lives depend on them.

Policemen need to take their fitness seriously as their lives and other people’s lives depend on them.

What fitness does it take to be a policeman?

We all know that it takes a certain level of physical ability to be able to perform well on the job. Although the standard is not as high as that of soldiers, policemen need to be able to carry out his physical duties; some of which require strength and endurance.

A person signing up for the police force must be able to pass a fitness test which doesn’t just involve running, lifting or dodging empty bullets. It’s an overall checkup which includes the eyesight, medical history and health issues.

What we don’t always see on our favorite TV shows is that policemen have a variety of duties other than just tailing a suspected criminal or running after a bank robber; their job is a combination of field work that can get really exciting and dangerous at the same time and the boring paperwork.

There is a lot of paperwork and dealing with people behavior; but the ability to react appropriately and accordingly to situations, emergency or otherwise, is top priority especially because lives would be at stake.

The crime rate in New Zealandhas been down for years, you’d imagine that their law enforcers are probably just sitting it out and getting paid for it; but `ain’t that far from the truth! A 60-year old police commissioner voluntarily went through a fitness test in his determination to stay in the list of officers that are “operationally deployed”.

Here’s a bit of that story on The New Zealand Herald:

60-Year Old Police Commissioner Passes Fitness Test

Police Commissioner Peter Marshall has put many of his junior officers to shame, completing the police fitness test with plenty of time to spare.

The 59-year-old had three minutes and 26 seconds to complete his physical competency test (PCT), but came in at two minutes and 56 seconds.

The test is not a requirement for commissioned officers, but Mr Marshall said he felt it was the right thing to do as the leader of the police force.

Policemen should take their fitness seriously whether they’re assigned a desk or are sent out on the field. Their lives, as well as other people’s lives, depend on it.

Here’s a video of one of our group training in Sydney:

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