Personal Training Brings Britney’s Weight Down By 15 pounds

Since she’s had her babies, Britney Spears had been battling against a bit of a bulge and it looks like the princess of pop had finally succeeded. Looking trim and toned, Britney is ready to flaunt the results of her personal training by announcing having gone through a photo shoot for the cover of Shape magazine.

You’d think that given to all that dancing and choreography, that Britney Spears would have no need to go through any more exercising. Obviously, we’re wrong. The pop princess did her part of the hard work to get in shape for her photo shoot and her upcoming tour.

Could It Be True That Britney Does 1,000 Sit-ups A Day To Work Her Abs? CC by steven.ishiwara; Click to see orig photo

Could It Be True That Britney Does 1,000 Sit-ups A Day To Work Her Abs?
CC by steven.ishiwara; Click to see orig photo

What would Britney Spears’ personal training be like?

Two of her personal trainers, Derek DeGrazio, known to have helped the singer lose 15 pounds in a month, and Marc Corliss both revealed that Britney had to work extremely hard on her workouts and diet to be able to go down to the weight that she is now.

Here are 2 of the things she had to do to slim down and shape up:

A Peak Into Britney’s Personal Training

A. Britney Got More Active

Perhaps the singer’s body had reached a plateau in weight loss because it had been used to her dancing and choreography activities. Studies say that once the body gets used to a workout routine or exercise, it slows down it’s metabolism for the exercise and will stop burning as much calories as before.

So, Britney’s bod got the shock of its system when the pop singer’s personal trainers put her into some heavy cardiovascular routines of 45-60 minutes of treadmills or .45 miles sprint.

Her personal trainers also made her do some intense body sculpting and resistance training workouts beginning with push ups, sits ups and body squats for 20 reps each working up to more as she progressed.

Could it be true that she does a thousand push ups to work on her abs? According to her trainers, Britney was required to exert maximum effort in all of her 45-60 minutes of workouts, five days in a week.

B. Britney Ate Less

During her personal training, Britney’s diet was also discussed and overseen. Diet is 50% of what resulted of her hard work.

Eating only the standard 1,200 calories a day, the singer was served salmon, chicken and avocados; along with egg whites and treats of low fat yoghurt or other sugar free sweets.

Even her cheat days were closely monitored. She was only allowed three cheat meals in her cheat days which she followed to the letter.

She may have broken ties with personal trainer, Brian DeGrazio but there’s no denying the success of her personal training. Here’s the article of her most recent victory:

Personal Training Shapes Britney For Mag Cover

Britney Spears is set to be Shape magazine’s next cover girl after revealing she posed for the diet and fitness publication this week.

The 31-year-old, who has two children, revealed the news in a message to her Twitter fans on Tuesday.

She posted: ‘@Shape_Magazine Thanks for the great photo shoot today! It was fun to get all dolled up for the cover!’

Read more about her on The Daily Mail.

Looking her most natural in years, Britney has been walking around and parading her svelte body and seems just about read to pump it up onstage very soon, thanks to her strict personal training regimen.

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