Regular Exercise and Diet is better for Weight Loss

Stripping off the extra pounds has become a bit more literal nowadays with the emergence of surgical procedures for weight loss. Thanks to the celebrities, surgery is now acceptable with many of them proudly flaunting their bodies and raving about the fitness results in their interviews.

Regular Exercise and diet is better than Weight Loss Surgery

Regular Exercise and diet is better than Weight Loss Surgery

One of the most popular surgical procedures that stars have been talking about is the gastric bypass wherein the intestines are rearranged and you experience an alteration in your body’s psychological and physiological responses. This has been proven effective against type II diabetes such as in the case of famous singer, Patti Austin. Unless it’s a matter of life and death, surgical procedures are not recommended for weight loss because of its health risks.

Sharon Osborne, who went under the knife to lose excess weight is aiming to reverse the procedure and declared that she would rather be the one controlling her diet. Osborne is referring to the effect of a gastric bypass wherein the patient loses his brain’s natural tendencies to the sight of food. While this may seem ideal especially to those who are afraid of gaining back the weight they’ve lost, the neurological effects should not be taken for granted.

The brain has a natural way of responding to the body’s needs, by which, through a process, transmits these needs such as in hunger or thirst. Without it, a person may experience undernourishment and other complications.

Going through the long, tedious process of exercising and changing your diet doesn’t seem to compare to the speed of the results of a weight loss surgical procedure but between the two, the natural process is better, safer and healthier. Surgeries have been reported to have resulted in a lot of complications like anaemia, gall stones, loss of muscle mass, and diminished Vitamin B12 necessary for the production of red blood cells and regeneration of healthy cells and Vitamin D, without which may cause skeletal deformities and increase risk for hip fractures later on in life.

Working out and taking a healthy shift in diet can only list down benefits and success stories. To understand more about weight loss surgeries and its complications, read this article on ABC:

Risks of Fitness Surgical Procedures

The aim of all of these surgical solutions is to prevent the stomach from expanding once you have eaten more than a tiny amount. The purpose is to make you feel full immediately, so you have no desire to eat. But this early fullness is only a part of why weight-loss surgery works. Another reason it works is because it can also change your brain. In one case the patient tried to drink a glass of her favourite peach iced tea after her operation. Instead of enjoying its previous tart sweetness, her brain told her that it tasted of fish.

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Truth be told, resorting to surgical procedures to achieve weight loss are not easy and can be life-threatening. There have been reports of death following the complications of such decisions.

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