There isn’t much information disseminated yet regarding the latest group personal training program, Cardiomax, except that there’s a workout DVD created by “The Biggest Loser Group” that is starting to become the latest hot topic in forums on fitness.


Cardiomax Group Personal Training Promises Maximum Fitness Through Cardio Drills and Workouts

Cardiomax Group Personal Training Promises Maximum Fitness Through Cardio Drills and Workouts

What is Cardiomax Group Personal Training?

Based on an article on The New Zealand Herald, Cardiomax is a group personal training program that guarantees maximum fitness.

Cardiomax sessions are done outdoors where participants can enjoy and maximize the benefits that natural surroundings such as the feel of the grass, the rays of the sun, the cool breeze blowing, and the beautiful sky above you as they go through several different workouts, usually based on cardiovascular exercises.

The article mentions sprint drills which begins with a warm up run around a clear field. This will be followed by faster running, zooming past, leaping over and weaving through several hurdles and obstacles.

Here’s the main article on The New Zealand Herald:

Enjoying The Outdoors With Cardiomax Group Personal Training

Cardiomax trainings also include interval training which is basically designed to improve speed and cardiovascular health such as cycling, running (again) and other short bouts of high intensity workouts interspersed with short time for rest. The best thing about interval training is that it increases the person’s aerobic capacity which improves his performance in other cardiovascular workouts for longer periods and higher intensity.

The “Personal” Of Cardiomax Group Personal Training

In a Cardiomax program, the participants’ heart rates are monitored by the personal trainer several times during the session. She keeps notes on how the participant is doing; approaching him and talking to him if she feels that he can still do more than what he’s delivering.

Cardiomax group personal trainings also give more room for interaction through the inclusion of games such as tennis balls and catch ball games usually done by pairs or groups.

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