If Personal Trainer Ramona Braganza is known for bringing out the fantastic superhero bods of Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds, another personal trainer, Patrick Munroe had taken the role of beefing up the villains and does he make them look villainous, indeed!

Talks on the latest Star Wars movie are buzzing around tinsel town and there’s eager anticipation for the appearance of London actor, Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the role of John Harrison. In the past movies, John Harrison would be the role opposite those of Captain Kirk or the much older character, Spock.

Benedict Cumberbatch trained under personal trainer Patrick Munroe for his role as John Harrison in Star Wars Image Courtesy Of entertainmentwise.com

Benedict Cumberbatch trained under personal trainer Patrick Munroe for his role as John Harrison in Star Wars
Image Courtesy Of entertainmentwise.com

Benedict Cumberbatch says he had to build up a particular physique to match the role he played in the movie and he had sought the services of Personal Trainer Patrick Munroe who is noted to have been responsible for the bulk Tom Hardy sported for the role of Cane in Dark Knight Rises.

Here’s a bit from Entertainment Wise:

Tom Hardy Shares Personal Trainer With John Harrison

Benedict Cumberbatch did not specifically spell out the kind of workout he had undergone with Personal Trainer Patrick Munroe to beef up for his John Harrison role, but he did mention Tom Hardy and it just might be the same method — Signaling, that got him to the place he needed to be, physically.

Personal Trainer Patrick Munroe’s Signaling Method

What is the Signaling Method of working out? Basically, Signaling is a method wherein you break down your workout routine in 3 separate sets of 20 minutes per session during the day. In doing so, you are continuously keeping the muscles active. Because the muscles are constantly in tension, bulk is built up.

You still do the usual bodyweight and weight lifting workouts except that you divide and distribute these sets throughout your day.

Personal Trainer Patrick Munroe’s Tom Hardy Diet

Your diet makes up 50% of your personal training. What you eat should match your workout method and must be directed towards your fitness goal.

Tom Hardy, and in this case, Benedict Cumberbatch need to apply a certain diet in order to achieve the built that their roles call for. They focused on three things: Protein, Carbs and Fats (the healthy ones)


Tom Hardy took in about a gram of protein for every pound.  He got protein from chicken, beef, and cottage cheese; with an occasional batch of protein powder just to meet the nutrient requirements.

Benedict Cumberbatch, on the other hand, is probably still reeling from the extraordinary personal training that he had undergone that chicken was the only food that came to mind when interviewed at the red carpet premiere.


Carbohydrates are very important when you want to build up a bulk. If your body cannot get the fuel it needs from the available carbohybrates, it will have no choice but to get the energy from your protein reserves or even from other nutrients.


Tom Hardy, and perhaps, Cumberbatch, loaded up on what are considered healthy fats such as coconut oil and olive oil.

Personal Trainer Patrick Munroe’s Signaling method may not be applicable for everyone as they say that finding 20-minutes in between your daily tasks can be too challenging; but it sure seem to work for these super villains. Just in case we want to work out a buff in the future, the Signaling method can be a good option to consider.

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