Have you ever heard of Hot Yoga otherwise known as Bikram Yoga? It’s one of the most interesting trends in personal training nowadays.  Bikram Chadhouri, the personal trainer who combined traditional Hatha yoga with the exercise’s popularized beginnings in the 1970s.

Bikram Yoga Fitness And Diet Goes A Long Way CC by RelaxingMusic, flickr.com/photos/83905817@N08/

Bikram Yoga Fitness And Diet Goes A Long Way
CC by RelaxingMusic, flickr.com/photos/83905817@N08/

A Few Things You May Need To Know About Bikram Yoga fitness

1.Many people do not know that Bikram is actually a person.

But many invest in it to be qualified as personal trainers for the fitness program.

2. Bikram Yoga is also called “Hot Yoga”.

Bikram Yoga sessions last for about 90-minutes. The room temperature must be heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit with 40% humidity.

3. People with high blood pressure or heart problems should consult a physician before joining Bikram Yoga.

People who have heart ailment or high blood pressure may not be able to endure the heat as it will aggravate their symptoms.

Sadly, the latest news on Bikram Yoga is that its founder had been accused by a student training for Bikram Yoga personal training certification of allegedly harassing her.

Here’s the story on ndtv.com:

Fitness Expert Sued – Model Endorses Bikram Fitness

Despite the controversy surrounding this new fitness trend, Bikram Yoga continues to be well-recommended by fitness enthusiasts. Multi-faceted model, Amanda Griffin-Jacob promotes the said fitness program in her blog.

Griffin says that Bikram Yoga and a shift in diet is what helped her lose all the excess pounds she had gained when she was pregnant.

The truth about fitness

The truth about fitness is that there is no real secret behind being healthy. The equation has never changed since the beginning of time: The right amount of exercise + a good diet. Fitness is hard work.

Amanda Griffin-Jacob scoffs at celebrities claiming how easy it is for them to lose the post-baby weight. She points out in her blog that she has been going to the gym for years and yet, she still had to work hard to lose them and firm up. So far, she’s back to her pre-baby size but is still battling with the bulging belly. She continues on her personal training that involves a lot of Bikram yoga and is confident that the tummy will soon firm up.

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