Personal training is not only for celebrities nowadays – furthermore, it is not only for adults, as well. An increasing number of parents are hiring personal trainers to deal with their children to assist them to stave off a serious problem we are seeing these days – childhood obesity. Due to the decline of PE classes, it is no wonder that lots of parents are embracing personal trainers to get help. If you are trying to look for ways to get your children more active, then personal training is the answer.

For your children to get motivated to exercise and eat healthier, it is crucial that you simply provide them with a healthy lifestyle, which they can model their own life from. This incorporates a healthy eating habit and a regular workout program.  Also refrain from watching television for a long period of time.


One good reason parents are embracing personal trainers is usually to help their children get better at sports. In addition, trainers help out in controlling weight problems. Whatever your reason, the choice to get a personal trainer should depend on you and your child. One important thing we all do know is the fact that getting children to exercise can be hard…pushing your children into a kind of exercise or activity they do not like can jeopardize and not any child will like working with a personal trainer.

If your children do show interest in working with a personal trainer, you may want to know exactly what a trainer can do to your child. An excellent trainer can certainly help them find activities they can enjoy and have fun with while teaching them the right way to exercise for their goals and age. A trainer may also train them on the best way to lift weights that have a number of advantages for children, as well as, teenagers like:

  • Better health
  • More strength
  • Better self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Protection from injuries

Moreover, a trainer might help figure out what your child can do and teach them how to exercise effectively, safely, and above all, how to have a great time, so these habits stick into their adult years.

In choosing a personal trainer for your children, be sure that they have:

  • A personal trainer certification that is nationally recognized and/or a degree on a fitness/exercise-related field.
  • Experience and knowledge on dealing with children and/or teens. Have they got any kind of education or background on Child Development?
  • A certification in First Aid and CPR
  • A waiver for you to sign for children under 18 years of age.
  • A plan set up to handle emergencies
  • Requirements to get a health evaluation, and perhaps a physician’s release before starting training. In addition, the trainer must also give a goal sheet for the child.
  •  A listing of emergency info like medications, allergies and also emergency contacts.
  • Plans to monitor exercises and have progress charts
  • Liability insurance
  • A personality that will work well with the children.

Here’s an article from

Your child may benefit from personal training

[quote style=”boxed”]Getting your child to exercise can be a challenge. In this edition of Child Wellness Wednesday, YNN’s Marcie Fraser suggests motivation through a personal trainer.

“It might not be a bad idea if the kid needs someone to motivate them. Kids spend too much time in the house,” said Tanya Dybowski, a gym member.

Age is an important factor to determine if your child should have a trainer.[/quote]

In terms of caring for your child’s fitness, health and quality of life, you will find various things you can do to help and support them. Personal training is simply one more option you’ve got for dealing with weight problems, as well as, teaching your children how to live a good life.

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