Powerbags can be used to teach your clients how to effectively use hip extension to lift which will in turn assist the development of this important movement for more advanced hip dominant exercises.

Without correct exercise progression injury can occur when performing ballistic type movements such as kettlebell swings or heavy barbell deadlifts or even overhead exercises.

Furthermore, powerbags provide a safe learning environment to teach the body how to engage the core stabilisers effectively so that the transfer of energy can be applied to complex movement patterns.POWERBAG

This feedback mechanism assists lifters in using good technique, improving co-ordination and increasing power output.

Powerbag training has grown in popularity in recent years because they are an extremely versatile fitness tool that can be used for; boot camps, HIIT, outdoor mobile fitness, core training, functional training, weight loss training, core training, strength training and metabolic conditioning.

With Powerbags becoming more popular, it is essential that fitness professionals gain the knowledge and skills to teach the general population how to use them safely and effectively.

If the general population know and understand how to use Powerbags safely and effectively, this will lead to a fitter and healthier Australia.

Furthermore, Powerbag training can be incorporated into group training, boot camps and Crossfit style workouts that help engage the local population into local group activities that build a sense of community.