Sandbag exercises are generally categorized into three groups;
ballistic movements, grind movements and hybrid movements (also referred to as combination movements).

Ballistic movements are by nature dynamic, explosive and multi-joint exercises. These movements are not only demanding on the muscles but will quickly elevate the heart rate and provide a great cardiovascular workout. Ballistic exercises require you to control your breathing patterns and your body tension, with each repetition your body tension changes, ‘tight-loose-tight’. Exercises include; swings, cleans, high-pulls and snatches. Ballistic exercises have been proven to increase athletic performance over traditional strength training exercises.

Grind movements are slower, more controlled, require constant muscle tension and a breathing pattern similar to power lifting. Grind exercises include; squats, deadlifts, rows and presses.

Hybrid movements or ‘combinations’ include both ballistic and grind elements. These movements are demanding for both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems and require you to perform exercises with fluctuating tension and within a wide range of movement patterns. Exercises include; clean and press.