The sandbag thruster is an extremely metabolically challenging exercise building significant gains in work capacity. The exercise combines two exercises; the front squat and the press into one seamless movement.

Teaching Points

  1. Hold the sandbag in the front rack with your feet positioned hip width apart.
  2. Brace the core and initiate the squat by flexing from the knees and hips, keep a neutral spine throughout the movement.
  3. Lower yourself to a comfortable position (thighs parallel to the floor if possible).
  4. From the bottom position push the ground away keeping the chest lifted throughout to maintain a neutral spine.
  5. Use the force generated from the squat to press the sandbag overhead.
  6. The arms will move up vertically, straighten the arms, stabilize the shoulder and contract the triceps so the arms are straight.
  7. Put your head ‘through the window’ at the top of the movement.
  8. Engage the lats and lower the sandbag under control and pull it back into the ‘racked’ position.
  9. Repeat the movement.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: Spinal alignment falling into flexion.
Correction: Keep chest lifted high shoulders packed down.