The sandbag arm balance row is essentially a renegade row with a rotation and press. Unlike the renegade row where you try to keep the hips closed, with the arm balance row you’ll rotate the hips and shoulders as you press the bag vertically. The exercise can be performed on one side or by alternating sides using two sandbags.

Teaching Points

  1. Begin with the sandbag underneath one shoulder, hold the pushup position with one hand gripping the bag and your other hand placed on the floor for support.
  2. The wider your feet, the more base of support you have. Place your feet in a position that feels comfortable but challenging.
  3. Keep your core tight, glutes squeezed, and wrists fixed throughout the movement.
  4. Push your supporting hand into the floor whilst rowing the sandbag with the other hand.
  5. Once the bag reaches the body, slightly rotate the hips and shoulders, keeping the eyes on the sandbag press vertically until your elbow is locked out.
  6. The supporting arm should be located directly underneath the pressing arm and there should be a straight line from the supporting foot to the lifting shoulder.
  7. Slowly lower the bag to the starting position.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: Hips sagging.
Correction: Keep the glutes squeezed, core braced and ensure there is a straight line running from the supporting foot to the lifting shoulder.