The Aqua Power Bag Yoke Twist is a great leg builder and will challenge the core too. The key is to keep your chest facing forwards and to pivot off the back foot keeping the toe aligned with the knee.

Teaching Points

  1. Start with the Aqua Power Bag in the back position with your feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Brace the abdominal and back muscles.
  3. Initiate the movement by flexing from the knees and hips.
  4. As you lower your body to the floor, pivot off the ball on the back foot making sure your toe is aligned with the knee.
  5. Rotate through the thoracic spine keep the chest lifted and shoulders retracted.
  6. Lower the hips to a comfortable position (back knee an inch from the floor if possible).
  7. From the bottom position, squeeze through the glutes on the front leg and push the ground away keeping the chest lifted throughout to maintain a neutral spine.
  8. Return to the standing position and repeat the movement on the other side.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: Spinal alignment falling into flexion.
Correction: Keep the chest lifted and shoulders retracted.

Error: Collapsing the knee on the trailing leg.
Correction: Keep the knee aligned with the toe.