The sandbag hang clean can be performed in the hang or high hang position, for this example I’ll be demonstrating the exercise in the hang position.

Teaching Points

  1. Start by holding sandbag just above the knees in the ‘hang’ position.
  2. Keep a neutral spine, core braced and chest proud.
  3. Drive down hard through the heels, explode your hips forward whilst simultaneously driving your elbows up high so that the sandbag reaches the sternum.
  4. This is a very explosive movement so it’s ok if the feet leave the floor during the upward phase.
  5. Pull the bag up high so it reaches chest level, then quickly drop your elbows under the bag and catch it on the sternum.
  6. Your elbows will be tight to the body and pointing down with your shoulders packed down.
  7. Return the bag to the starting position.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: Losing neutrality through the spine
Correction: Keep your chest proud and shoulders down and packed.