The sandbag power jerk is an explosive movement and can be used to lift heavier loads overhead than a standard shoulder press or push press. However, the jerk is a much more complex movement and requires practice to become proficient.

Teaching Points

  1. Hold the sandbag in the racked position.
  2. Slightly dip the hips and knees, then immediately and simultaneously extend your elbows and knees creating some space between you and the bag.
  3. Now that the bag is moving upwards quickly drop under the bag, whist stomping the heels on the floor and shooting your arms forcefully vertically.
  4. Lock your elbows at the top whilst your hips are still slightly flexed, then extend the hips and stand tall.
  5. Lower the bag and activate the abdominals just before triceps reaches the rib cage on the drop.
  6. Exhale and absorb the impact when catching the Sandbag back into the rack position.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: Driving through the knees like a push press.
Correction: Stomp your heels and quickly dip under the bag.