Sandbag prisoner get up and squat


A variation of the prisoner get-up, the added weight of the sandbag makes this already challenging exercise even more metabolically demanding. This exercise will hit the legs, work the core and elevate your heart rate.

Teaching Points

  1. Hold the bag in the Zercher or bear hug position.
  2. Start with your feet shoulder width apart and keep your core braced throughout the movement.
  3. From the standing position, drop to one knee, then the other knee.
  4. Keep your chest proud and shoulders back, retracted and packed down.
  5. Now, reverse the movement.
  6. Step into a low squat position, then drive through the heels, squeeze the glutes and extend the hips back to a standing position.
  7. Once you reach the top of movement, immediately drop into a squat.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: Allowing the torso to tilt forward.
Correction: Keep your chest proud, shoulders back and torso tall.