Moving explosively can improve your balance far greater than instability training (standing on an unstable surface), because your body doesn’t have time to adjust. The sandbag split clean is an excellent exercise for developing both explosiveness and balance. It’s essentially a power clean except at the top of the movement you’ll quickly drop into the split squat position.

Teaching Points

  1. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
  2. Start with the sandbag on the floor as close to your feet as possible.
  3. Keep a neutral spine, hinge at the hips whilst looking forward and down (at the horizon).
  4. Grasp the sandbag with two hands and keep the core braced.
  5. Drive down hard through the heels, explode your hips forward and squeeze the glutes.
  6. Pull the bag up high so it reaches chest level, explode your legs into the split squat position, quickly drop your elbows under the bag and catch it on the sternum. (Focus on stomping your front heel on the ground during the split squat, this will add power and stability to the movement.)
  7. Your elbows will be tight to the body and pointing down with your shoulders packed down.
  8. Walk back up the starting position and repeat the movement.
  9. Remember to perform the exercise on both legs.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: Falling off balance during the landing phase.
Correction: This is as much a balance exercise as it is an explosive exercise, stomp the front foot down hard on the landing to increase stability.