This workout incorporates the 7 Primal Movement Patterns into a flow workout, immediately perform the next exercise where the previous one finished. Perform AMRAP in 4-minutes with a 60-second rest between between sets, perform 4 sets in total.

  1. Sandbag good morning (hinge/bend)
  2. Sandbag front squat (squat)
  3. Sandbag shoulder press (push)
  4. Sandbag snatch (pull)
  5. Sandbag forward lunge – each leg (lunge)
  6. Sandbag woodchop – each side (twist)
  7. 50-100 metre sandbag bear hug carry (gait)

Total workout time: 20-minutes.


Beginners use basic push up and squat variations and rest if needed between exercises. Advanced people use heavier weights and try to complete more rounds.