This workout is best if you have an area of 50 meters to sprint, however it can be done without the sprint. Each round lasts for 3-minutes.

Perform 10 reps of exercise A, sprint 50 meters & perform 2 reps of exercise B. Then sprint back to the start and perform 8 reps of exercise A, and 4 reps of exercise B.

The goal is to finish the 3-minute round with 2 reps of exercise A and 10 reps of exercise B. Rest 60 seconds between stations.

Station 1
Exercise A – Sandbag two handed swing
Exercise B – Push ups

Station 2
Exercise A – Sandbag shoulder squat
Exercise B – Sandbag shoulder clean

Station 3
Exercise A – Sandbag power jerk
Exercise B – Sandbag Russian twist

Station 4
Exercise A – Sandbag alternating side lunge
Exercise B – Sandbag rotational shoulder clean

Station 5
Exercise A – Sandbag deadlift
Exercise B – Sandbag plank pull-through

Total workout time: 20-minutes.


Beginners use basic clean/lunge variations. Advanced people use heavier weights and try to finish 10 reps on exercise B.