Perform 10 reps of each exercise in the following order and power through as many rounds as possible in 20-minutes, rest whenever needed.

10 x Sandbag single leg deadlift (5 each side)
10 x Sandbag half moon snatch
10 x Sandbag Zercher squat
10 x Sandbag plank pull-through
10 x Sandbag rotational lunge
10 x Sandbag clean & jerk
10 x Sandbag sit-ups
10 x Sandbag one arm row (5 each side)
10 x 3-down push ups
10 x Sandbag one handed swing (5 each side)

Total workout time: 20-minutes


Beginners can use lighter weights or bodyweight where possible, advanced users can use heavier weights and try to perform AMRAP.