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This movement combines the clubbell reverse lunge with arm cast and a forward lunge with flag press, making it an excellent exercise to add to your workouts as it hits multiple muscle groups.

During the reverse lunge, you engage the hip-dominant muscles, activating your glutes and hamstrings.

Then, when performing the forward lunge you target the quad dominant muscles with some engagement from the glutes.

Additionally, it gives your upper body a well-rounded workout, as the arm cast acts as an upper body pull, and the flag press works the upper body push movement pattern.

Combining the upper body Push-Pull and lower body Push-Pull movements all into one exercise makes this a highly effective ‘big bang for buck’ exercise for your training tool box.


  1. Start in the guard position: feet shoulder-width apart, quads engaged, glutes activated, and your hands gripping the clubbell with the left hand near the pommel and the right hand on top.
  2. Maintain a neutral wrist position and tuck your elbow in close to your ribs while keeping your shoulder down and chest upright.
  3. Step back with the leg on the side you’re holding the clubbell (e.g., if it’s on your right, step back with your right leg).
  4. Perfrom a reverse lunge by stepping back and keeping the back leg stationary, ensuring the knee stays over the heel.
  5. Place the clubbell’s muzzle in your back pocket while maintaining a close-to-ear elbow position.
  6. Keep the back knee about an inch off the floor and engage the lat muscle as you pull down the elbow.
  7. Return to the guard position.
  8. Transition seamlessly into a forward lunge, making sure the front knee stays aligned over the heel.
  9. Lower the back leg to the ground, then push forward and up, corkscrewing your elbows inward as you drive the clubbell away from the body.
  10. Focus on core engagement to stabilize the clubbell position away from your body. For the reverse lunge, keep the front knee over the front heel, and for the forward lunge, maintain an upright torso.