1. Setup: Begin in the order position ensuring the elbow is tight to the hip and the wrist remains neutral.

  2. Foot Position: Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, maintaining a stable base throughout the exercise.

  3. Movement Sequence: Initiate the movement with the mill, smoothly transitioning into a side swipe without pausing between movements.

  4. Transition to Reverse Mill: After completing the side swipe, seamlessly transition into a reverse mill, maintaining control and balance.

  5. Maintain Form: Throughout the exercise, focus on shifting your weight from side to side to own the center, locking the forearm during swings.

  6. Fluid Motion: Aim for a continuous flow of movement, avoiding jerky or disjointed transitions between actions.

  7. Repetition: Repeat the sequence, alternating between mill, side swipe, reverse mill, and side swipe, maintaining proper form and rhythm.

  8. Practice and Progress: Start with controlled movements, gradually increasing speed and intensity as you become more comfortable with the exercise.