This workout is split up into 3 x EMOM (every minute on the minute) rounds with a 2-minute rest between each round.

Start each round on the minute and try to complete each round as quickly as possible to maximise the rest before the next round starts (each round should last between 35-45 seconds).

Round 1: 6-minutes EMOM

* Double swings x 5
* Alternating shield cast x 4 (each side)
* Double thrusters x 3
Rest 2-minutes

Round 2: 5-minutes EMOM

* Double order squat x 5
* Double alternating 180’s x 4
* Rotational torch press x 3 (each side)
Rest 2-minutes

Round 3: 4-minutes EMOM

* Double swipes x 5
* Double dead clean x 4
* Side lunge & arm cast x 2 (each side)

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