The steel club double mill combines the mill with one arm and the reverse mill with the other arm. If you have two clubs the same weight in your arsenal, then the double mill is an excellent exercise that will really challenge you. Only attempt the double mill when you can competently perform both the mill and reverse mill. Following the correct exercise progression of; two handed, singles before attempting doubles is very important when performing complex movements.

Teaching Points

  1. Begin in the double order position with neutral wrists.
  2. Feet are shoulder width apart and shoulders packed down.
  3. Cast the clubs in the same direction at the same time so that they’re parallel with each other.
  4. Swing the clubs in front of the body ensuring they remain parallel throughout the swing.
  5. As the clubs pass the midline of the body, charge your weight in the opposite direction to counter the weight.
  6. One arm will perform a mill the other arm will perform a reverse mill simultaneously.
  7. Return the clubs to the order position.

Common Problems & Solutions
Error: The clubs not remaining in sync with each other.
Correction: Slow down the movement and use pauses if necessary.