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The steel club half mill to rotational torch press combines the top part of the mill/reverse mill, with the single arm torch press. This combination lift is excellent for building strong, durable shoulders, a powerful grip and a strong core. 

The movement begins by assuming the starting position, with the club in the right hand. From there, the right hip is rotated, and the right foot is pivoted, simulating squishing a bug.

During the torch press, it is recommended to position the thumb on the back of the handle to enhance stability. The club is then driven forward and upward, while maintaining forearm lock.

As the club is brought back down, emphasis is placed on activating the lats and squeezing through the shoulder before returning to the initial position.

Following this, a reverse mill movement is performed, where the club moves in an outside circle motion, aiding in rotating the hips and pivoting the feet. This entire sequence is repeated on both sides, incorporating a mill or shield cast movement to utilize momentum and further engage the hips and feet in a side-to-side manner.